Saturday, June 8, 2013

My little hill

With my renewed discovery and love for gardening, have been trying out all sorts of new ways to grow in a new land and terra.

The earth being "clay-yee" for the most part, is not very easy however, one has to overcome

So, what do I discover, that there is a method called Hugelcultur, hill culture in other words; we shall create a hill above with all the logs and twigs and branches of all the fallen trees as foundation, fill it with dried leaves, bits of bark and general debris of pruned leaves and then cover with soil dug from around the older fallen trees, natural rich top soil, worm filled, black and clean to the touch.

So down the slope I went, where there were logs that had been there for years, dug in real deep into the ground, just lying there. I had been throwing all the weeds and grasses on top of it for the past three years. All had decomposed soft and dry to the touch; just moved it all away, twigs, branches, leaves and grasses and there I had my reservoir of soil.

Filled up my base trunks with more branches. Made it into a good 5' high hill
filled all the gaps, nooks and cranies with the dried mulched and unmulched leaves, grasses and twigs

To digging the soil then, ah back breaking, patient hands to the toil, job! shovel by shovel, bucket by bucket, filled in the hill, covered and patted the hill and viola, it was all covered and ready.

Soaked it for two days myself, put in some starter borage and compfrey at the base, and then lo and behold, the soaking from up above began! The Grace of God poured down on the hill, which my husband thought would be washed away! But no, oh no, it stood right there, in two days of pouring rain, firm and steadfast as a hill should be. The borage and compfrey still there.


My growing on the rest of the hill will thus begin in earnest once the rains are over. The soaking required has happened by Divine Grace. Now for the seeds to scattered, the herbs and flowers to be planted all over and then with patience and fortitude we shall wait for the fruits of this labour of love to manifest itself.

May all creatures, great and small live off its bounty.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Uth Jaag Musafir Bhor Bhaee
Ab raen kahan jo sowat hai
Awake, oh traveller, for morning has come,
 the night is no more that you sleep
Jo sowat hai vo khowat hai
the one who sleeps loses all
Jo Jagat hai so pavat hai
the one awake gets all

Lardakpan khel mein khoya, jawani neend bhar soya
my childhood I lost in play, youth in sleep

Budhapa daikh ke roya
in old age I saw all and cried

Jo sowat hai vo khowat hai
for the one who sleeps looses all
Jo Jagat hai so pavat hai
the one awake gains all

~ Kabir Das

Includes a girah to a couple of wonderful Farsi verses:

Subhay dam chun rukh namoodi, shud namaz e man qazaa
Thy face Thou showed in the morning, and my prayer was lost

Sajda kayy bashad rawa, chun aaftab ayad broo
how can a sajda be acceptable, once the sun shows its face

Amir Khosro's Verses:

Har shab manam  futada, Ba girde sarai e tou
every night have I fallen, around the circle of Thy tavern
Har roz ah o nala kunam az barai e tou
every day, do I wail and cry, in yearning of Thee

Jana ba iin shakista dil-bewafa ma shou
O Love, turn not thy gaze from this heartbroken one
Umre guzasht ta shuda am aashina e tou
a lifetime has been spent, in getting to know Thee
Rozay ke zarra zarra shavad, ust khan-e-man
when my bones are nothing but shattered bits
Ba shad hanoz dar dil-e-veesham hava e tou
may my heart still be on the quest of Thee
Bar hal-e-zar-e-man nazar-e-kun ze rahay luft
Let thy Grace fall on my blighted self
Tu Badshah-e-husni o Khusrau gada e tou
Thou art the Lord of Grace, and Khosro but a begger of Thee

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Shigar Valley trip of Sept 2009

The trip back from Shigar Valley was spent in Skardu.
Skardu is the capital of Baltistan, at an altitude of 8500 and above. From Skardu, we drove to Satpara Lake, a name derived from Sat,(seven) Para (springs) sevensprings which form the Lake in a valley. The Lake is pristine, clear as clear can be with the mountains reflected in it. A breathtaking sight.

The Satpara Dam is being built close by, which will generate enough electricity for Skardu and the neighbouring villages. The road also leads to the Dosai Plateau which in spring bursts forth with wild flowers and the plains are transformed.

We flew in from Islamabad in a PIA fokker plane, which flew above the Karakoram range. Seeing the peaks of Rakaposhi, Gashaerbaum 1 and 2, K2 in the distance, and Nanga Parbat was an awe inspiring moment. The pilot allowed us in the cockpit from where it felt as if one was cruising along between the mountains, over them, close to them. Such an amazing feeling, watching crests upon crests, endless snow capped peaks with aquamarine lakes way up in the mountains. Who could ever get there?
And from way up at 28000 feet you get to see the Indus snaking its way through the mountains, through valleys and mountains. The peaks alone still capped with snow. The rest bare, stark, steep, rocky at times, muddy at others.

farrokh namazi

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Monday, August 31, 2009

April Showers